Change made easy

for business and technology design


StrataMap is a single source of truth platform for maintaining and sharing models.  Designed specifically for large enterprises, government agencies and vendors, StrataMap exists to ease the pain of change.

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Make complex information simple

Visual documentation

Give dry technical information a good-looking make-over. Documentation maintained in the cloud, navigated visually, and easily updated by subject matter experts, vendors, and other design collaborators. Bridge the gap between technical details and the rest of your business.

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Save time & resources

Metadata rich modelling

Turn diagrams into powerful assets. Models link technical data to reusable elements creating an indexed and queryable model of your business. Enable the ability to run diagnostics, generate interactive heat maps, and maintain your metadata in spreadsheets.

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use everyone's potential

Realtime collaboration

Stop sending documents in emails and worrying about updates. Cloud-based collaboration allows everyone to easily contribute and review the latest details. Provide a single source of truth and keep your entire organisation up to date and moving toward a shared future vision.


Replace paper and complex file versioning with living documentation easily updated in the cloud. Enable your organisation to more effectively plan and execute digital transformation when everyone is aligned on the end goal and understands the complexities of getting there.



Shared Architecture

Collaborate with vendors, partners and agencies in the cloud to build great models. 


 Interactive Maps

Navigate yourself from business to technology and motivation - using just maps. 


Secure and Private

ArchiMate* models are secured in a cloud repository and protected by role-based access. 


Version Control

ArchiMate* models are maintained under strict version control in a backed-up relational database.


Knowledge Database

Vendors, partners and staff can update documentation online using rich or wiki markup.


Standard Compliant

StrataMap works with any ArchiMate* editor. Archi, EA Sparx and more. 

* ArchiMate is a registered trademark of the Open Group