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Set-up of the StrataMap trial is a three step process:   


Step 1: Install Archi

  • This trial works with open-source Archi

Step 2: Install the plug-in

  • The Archi Plugin is your secure connection to StrataMap
  • To download click here
  • See below for instructions

Step 3: Start modelling

  • Contact us for your trial account credentials
  • Import and synchronise your model changes


Q. How do I install the Archi application? 

A. Select the download that matches your computers operating system, then follow the instructions on the Archi website. The current version of the Archi Plugin is 0.3. 

Q. How do I install StrataMap Archi plugin? 

A. Once you have downloaded the StrataMap file, follow these steps. 

  • In the Archi directory, open the plugins folder. 
  • Move the StrataMap to this folder. 
  • Unzip the plugin. You should see two jar files are now added to your plugin folder. 
  • Restart Archi. You will find the new StrataMap menu has been placed next to the help menu. 
  • Open this and select StrataMap - 'About this plugin'. 

The current version of the Archi Plugin is 0.2. 

Q. How do import a model? 

A. Models can be imported from our cloud server using the import wizard.  

  • The trial is located at the web address:
  • Enter this field as the host name
  • Enter the credentials from your trial invite email. 
  • The trial model will appear in your Archi Models window. 

Q. How do synchronise? 

A. Once you have made your changes to the model you can upload these to the StrataMap repository using the synchronise model wizard. 

  • Select the 'Synchronise model' menu and enter your credentials. 
  • The model will be merged with the copy in the cloud.
  • Any conflicts will be reported - these can be reviewed and if necessary re-loaded.
  • To see your changes, login into StrataMap online.