Co-create your transformation


StrataMap is a platform for fast and secure business transformation.
We enable teams to identify risk, prioritise actions, and visualise impacts together.


Compliance at Speed

Reduce costs by integrating compliance with transformation. Predict and visualise the impacts of change, manage technical risk and transform faster.

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Security in Depth

Integrate any security standard or framework to your operating model, make security everyone's responsibility.

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Assurance in motion

Retain knowledge with living documentation easily updated in the cloud. Enable better collaboration with experts and stakeholders and more aligned change.


How it works

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Build living models 

…not diagrams and spreadsheets.

StrataMap is an enterprise modelling tool, we just made it a whole lot easier to use. Build models, maps and dashboards, escape document headaches and avoid spreadsheet hell. The more your team use it, the more accurate and useful your model becomes. 

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Crowdsource expertise 

Don’t start from scratch, StrataMap’s public model repository is full of industry templates, frameworks and expert blueprints you can use to get up and running fast! 
Try these : COBIT, ITIL, DevOps, SABSA
or build your own.


Gain multi-layered insights

Uncover, highlight, and share business and technology insights in real time with dashboards and analytics. Query dependencies and generate living report. Visual version history means you always have an easy to understand audit log of who and what has changed.


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