Transform with assurance through crowdsourcing expertise


StrataMap is an open and secure platform for digital transformation. Allowing teams to identify risk, prioritise actions, and visualise impacts of change together.


Co-create your transformation

Easily collaborate to build your transformation roadmap with expert communities and achieve a consensus view of risk, pain points & outcomes. 

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Prioritise actions

Reduce costs by knowing which problems to attack and focus your energies in the right places.

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Visualise outcomes

Predict and visualise the impacts of future changes, to engage stakeholders and transform faster.


Replace paper and complex file versioning with living documentation easily updated in the cloud.

We enable your organisation to more effectively plan and execute digital transformation. When everyone is aligned on the end goal and understands the complexities of getting there, you can be assured change will be easier.



Product Features


Start with expert blueprints

Don’t start from scratch, StrataMap’s public model repository is full of industry templates, frameworks and expert blueprints you can use! COBIT, ISO27001, ITIL, NIST, NZISM and more…


Connect your catalogues

No more spreadsheet hell. Link catalogues with many-to-many dependencies to trace the why, what, and how. Creating a connected single source of truth.


Share insights instantly

Uncover, highlight, and share insights in real time with dashboards and analytics. No more waiting for consultants’ reports.


Trust your knowledge

Visual version history means you have an easy to understand audit log of who and what has changed. Find and fix mistakes, see patterns over time, or find the subject matter expert.


Build consensus

Vendors, partners and staff each update living documentation related to their area expertise. Complex challenges become distilled into discrete interconnected consensus viewpoints.


Protect sensitive information

Role-based access controls and governance tools mean everyone has access to the information they need and can’t modify anything they shouldn’t.


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