What account types are available?

StrataMap is setup around individuals, each person has an account and this acts as a baseline entity for that person.

Once a Personal Account has been created that person can be invited to Group Models, this is where Public/Private settings and User Roles are applied. A person can belong to multiple Groups and have different roles across those Groups.

See more about Personal Accounts

See more about Groups

See more about User Roles

Personal Accounts

Every person who uses StrataMap has a Personal Account, these are free to setup.
Once you have a Personal Account you can then be invited to any Model by a Group Administrator.

Personal accounts have:

  • Read-only access to all Public models.

  • Ability to be invited to, and assigned Editor or Modeller roles in a Public model

  • Ability to be invited to, and assigned Read-only, Editor, or Modeller roles in a Private model.

Setup your free Personal Account

Can I trial having a Private Group? 

Yes you can.
The StrataMap platform supports Public and Private Groups, through these groups types you can create Public and Private Models. 

See account types

Modelling, collaborating and communicating on the public side of the platform is free and has no model size limits. While we encourage you to put your models out in the public domain so that others can learn from your work, you can make a Private Model for only group members when using a Private Group.

Get in touch to talk about a Private Group Trial or request a new subscription. Contact admin@stratamap.io

How do I create a public Model?

With any StrataMap account you will have read-only access to all Public models.
If you’d like to create a Model in the Public domain you’ll need one of the following:

  • Own a group (Public, Private or Enterprise) and be an Modeller or Admin for that group.

  • Be invited to a group (Public, Private or Enterprise), and be given Admin rights in the group.

  • Create a new Public, Private or Enterprise group, and be an Admin in that group. 

Then you will need to follow the CREATE A MODEL DIRECTIONS.

Collaboration in the Public side of the platform is still in beta so please get in touch if you’d like to be given access to edit or model.
Contact admin@stratamap.io


Public Groups
Public Groups and all their Models do not require a subscription… they are free to all users.
All models belonging to a Public Group are public and anyone with a StrataMap Personal Account will have read-only access.

Once a Public Group has been set up Group account Admin can invite members and assign roles.

Depending on the assigned roles, Group members can:

  • Download

  • View or modify a model

Please get in touch with us to help you set up a Public Group. Contact admin@stratamap.io

Private Groups
A Private group has all the same features of a Public Group, plus the ability to make Private Models for group members only.

Private Groups (and their Models) require a subscription. All Models, Maps, Data and associated information (including Invited Members) are private and secure. Access to Models owned by the Private Group may only be granted by an Admin of that Group.

Depending on the assigned roles,  Group members can:

  • Download, View or modify a model Public Model that the Group owns.

  • Download, View or modify a Private Model that the Group owns.

Please get in touch with us to help you setup or upgrade to a Private Group. Contact admin@stratamap.io

Enterprise Groups
Enterprise groups are set up for larger organisations.
They have all the features of Public and Private groups, however they also have access to more robust features designed to help manage large numbers of group members, models, maps and more advance governance tools.

Talk to us about Enterprise level accounts. Contact admin@stratamap.io

HOW DO I UPGRADE MY Public Model to A Private Model? 

If you have a Public Model that you’d like to make Private, this will require a subscription. If you don’t already have a Private or Enterprise subscription, this will require an account upgrade.

You can trial a Private subscription for a limited time. Please get in touch with us to set this up for you. Contact admin@stratamap.io


There are three types of role-based access that can be assigned to a member of a Group Model: 

The default user role where a member has the ability to navigate the model, its maps and catalogues, see all documentation, and download all or part of the model.

All the access privileges of Read-only plus additional abilities to edit or update documentation and element properties.

Building on Read-Only and Editor roles, Modeller has the additional ability to add, delete, and modify elements, relationships, catalogues, and maps.

Group Administrators
Administrators and can Invite new members, grant and modify role-based access as well as add new or delete models. Groups can have multiple Admin. For subscriptions (Private & Enterprise) Admin are trusted to manage subscription changes associated with adding users and models.

Find more info here about what different roles can do in StrataMap (StrataMap - User Roles).


If you are an Admin you can create a new model. BUT you will need an external Archimate compliant modelling tool to get started. 

We’ve been working on in-browser modelling since early 2018 and we expect to deliver a full in-browser modelling experience by June 2019. 

Until we finish in-browser modelling you will need to upload a .archimate file to create a new model.  See how StrataMap and Archi work together.

If you aren’t an administrator please contact your admin. 

If you’d like to add a model to the public platform and aren’t an Admin already please get in touch.


See how StrataMap and Archi work together.


If you’d like to collaborate (edit or model) on any model please contact your Group Admin. 
If you’d like to collaborate on a Public Model and aren’t a member of the Group, please get in touch with us to organise access .

If you’d like to copy and modify a Public Model for your own needs please download the .archimate file .

If you’d like to upload a modified .archimate file as a new Public Model but aren’t a member of a Group please get in touch . Otherwise you can merge the file back into the Public Group you belong to as long as you have modeller access to that model.


Yep, we love customer feedback and questions.
You can look through our help documentation from within the platform by clicking on the (?) in the upper right. Or you can get directly in touch with us for help getting started with StrataMap. 

Working with Archi

How do I install the Archi application? 

First, read through our Set-up guide.
Select and download the Archi Application that matches your computers operating system, then follow the installation instructions within the installer. 

How do I install StrataMap Archi plugin? 

Once you have downloaded the stratamap.archi.plugin.zip file. Follow these steps. 

  • (PC) In the Archi Application directory, open the Plugins folder.
    (Mac) You will need to highlight the Archi Application and right-button click, then select 'show package contents'. This will make your Plugins folder visible.

  • Uncompress the ZIP file and move this file into the Plugins folder.

  • Restart Archi.
    You will find the new StrataMap menu has been placed next to the help menu.

  • To check the plugin version open the 'About this plugin' menu item.

How do I import a model? 

Models can be imported from our cloud server using the import wizard.  

  • Select Import Model from the StrataMap menu.

  • Type in the name of the model you are trying to import, e.g. 'ArchInsure'

  • Enter your credentials: email address you used to sign-up and your password.

  • The model import process may take a minute or two for larger models or slower connections.

  • Once complete the model will appear in the Archi model panel on the left.

How do I synchronise? 

Once you have made your changes to the model you can upload these to the StrataMap repository using the synchronise model wizard. 

  • Select the 'Synchronise model' menu and enter your credentials.

  • The model will be merged with the copy in the cloud.

  • Any conflicts will be reported - these can be reviewed and if necessary re-loaded.

  • To see your changes, login into StrataMap online.