Our Privacy Policy will help you understand what information StrataMap collects, how it is used, and what choices you have. 

  1. The Privacy Policy is to be read in conjunction with the StrataMap Terms of Service.

  2. The definitions provided in the Terms of Service also apply to this Privacy Policy.

  3. StrataMap may vary or replace this Privacy Policy at any time.

  4. This Privacy Policy was last revised on 20 May 2019.

Information we collect and receive
How we use your information
Your choices

Information we collect and receive

  1. The Information entered into StrataMap by Authorised Users includes data, information and documentation required to support the maintenance and communication of Enterprise Models.

  2. StrataMap may also collect and receive the following Information:

    • Account creation information. Authorised Users will need to provide their email address and a screen name to create an account. Users not covered by a Single Sign-on Provider will also need to provide a password.

    • Billing information. Subscribers may choose to pay for Services using a credit card. Any credit card details supplied are not held as part of the Services and are unable to be accessed by any employee of StrataMap.

    • Services usage information. This is information about how you are accessing and using the Services, which may include administrative and support communications with us.

    • Log data. When you use the Services our servers automatically record information, including information that your browser sends whenever you are using our Services. This log data may include your external facing Internet Protocol address, your browser type and settings, the date and time of your use of the Services and cookie data.

  3. The Service utilises “cookies” and other technologies to enhance and efficiently provide the Service upon return visits by the Authorised Users to the StrataMap App. A cookie will not provide any information which identifies any Authorised User but operates to identify the computer state used to access the Website. Any Authorised User may set their browser to allow or reject the receipt of a cookie.

How we use your information

  1. The Information entered into StrataMap by any Authorised User is considered personal information and remains confidential to the Authorised Users and will not be made accessed, used or made available to StrataMap without first obtaining permission from the Subscriber, except as provided at clause 2 below.

  2. StrataMap may access and use the Information as reasonably necessary to perform the following tasks:

    • To provide, maintain and improve the Services;

    • To prevent or address service security, technical issues or at a Subscriber’s request in connection with a support matter;

    • Troubleshoot any problem being experienced by any of the Authorised Users

    • As required by law;

    • As set forth in our agreement with the Subscriber or as expressly permitted in writing by the Subscriber.

  3. This policy is not intended to place any limits on what we do with data that is aggregated and/or de-identified so the Information is no longer associated with an identifiable Authorised User of the Services

Your choices

  1. If at any time the Subscriber request, and provided that they have met all of their obligations, StrataMap will provide to them a full export of the Subscriber's Information in a common file format determined by mutual agreement between StrataMap and the Subscriber.

  2. The Information will be permanently removed after 12 months after a subscription ends, or earlier upon request by the Subscriber.

  3. If you have any questions about your information, our use of this information, or your rights when it comes to any of the foregoing then please contact us.


  1. StrataMap’s servers have SSL Certificates issued by leading certificate authorities, so all information transferred between Authorised Users and the Service is encrypted. Authorised Users are encouraged to only enter or upload Information to the Service using a web browser that supports the encryption security used in connection with the Service.

  2. StrataMap arranges the storage of the Information in the location StrataMap considers provides the greatest level of security and efficiency in the storage and access of the Information. The storage location may be within or outside of New Zealand. It is agreed that the Information may be transferred from one country to another for this purpose.

  3. StrataMap Chief Technical Officer (or nominated representative) will notify the Subscriber's nominate Contact Person should any incident be detected or reported that may affect their Information within a 24 hour period. StrataMap will provide any incident reports and evidence (e.g. time stamped audit logs) to the subscriber so they may perform their own investigation of the incident.