We are very proud of our product, and like all great things we constantly give StrataMap love and attention. 


StrataMap 2.2.7

6 February 2019

Standardise your data, manage catalogue properties with property templates and defaults.

1. Property types expand from simple text entry to include:

  • Drop-down selects

  • Numbers

  • True/false boolean

  • Text entry

2. Manage properties within any catalogue by creating templates. This means:

  • Standardising the property title and type for every item in the catalogue

  • Setting minimum, maximum, and default values for any managed property

  • Viewing all inherited properties (from parent catalogues) and sub-catalogue properties

3. Catalogue view displays all managed properties and any inherited properties (from a parent catalogue).

Watch the video overview for more details and how to implement within your catalogues.  

Along with a number of small enhancements and bug fixes, this release also contains upgrades to the CSV import and Archi plugin to support this new functionality.

StrataMap 2.2.6

17 December 2018

Organise large catalogues, utilise enterprise scale data.

1. New Catalogue organisation & left-hand navigation:

  • Catalogues are organised in a hierarchy of folders and sub-folders (sub-catalogues) creating a breadcrumb navigation down the left hand navigation. 

  • Catalogue location breadcrumb available on all elements.

As well as a number of small enhancements and bug fixes. It's a small release before the holidays.

Watch the StrataMap accounts and basic navigation video

StrataMap 2.2.5

30 November 2018

Take advantage of your enterprise model, more easily organise and find the information you're after.

1. New Map navigation:

  • Maps are organised in a hierarchy of folders and sub folders creating a breadcrumb navigation across the top and replacing the old left-hand navigation

  • Map location breadcrumb available on all map cards

2. Maps now have a Status:

  • Default workflow of In-progress, Pending, and Approved stamped on all maps and map cards

  • Status can be updated by Modellers only

  • Customised status (colour & title) available for all Enterprise level subscriptions

  • Changes to Status logged in the Version history.

3. Advanced Filter & Query tool for Catalogues:

  • Every Catalogue or Sub-catalogue can be filtered by a single or multiple Properties

  • Query to find related Items in a connected Catalogue, easily identify lists of dependencies

  • Ability to combine a Query with Property filter on both Catalogues to fine-tune results

  • Export results as a CSV

Other enhancements and updates include:

  1. Model tools (People page, Merge, Download) are always accessible from the top Navigation

  2. Admins can resend activation emails from the People page.

  3. Greater collaboration available for public models

  4. Tool tips have been added to icons without labels

  5. All Map card thumbnails update instantly with changes

  6. Minor UI enhancements & bug fixes 

*There is a new version of the Archi Plug-in 1.2.3 with enhanced error handling. Customers are encouraged to upgrade (though not required).

StrataMap 2.2.4

30 October 2018

Enabling users to find and fix mistakes through greater oversight and visibility of changes. This release introduces a visual version history including deleted items.
Watch the Visual version history video.

Key new visual version history features:

  1. Visual version history for Items

  •  Time of change, author, details of update.*

  • Ability to view the item (and properties) as it existed in any past version.

  1. Visual version history for Maps

  •  Time of change, author, details of additions, updates, and deletions of items within the Map.*

  • Ability to view the Map as it existed in a past version as well as the details of the Map Item at that time.  

  1. Search for deleted Items including Maps

  • Toggle the Search view to include deleted items and their deletion date.

  • Ability to view the past version of the Item/Map as well as it’s version history.*

*Detailed version history is available from this release forward. Limited historical versions will be available for previous dates.

Other feature enhancements and updates include:

  1. Improvements to creating a new Model, allowing more seamless archimate file uploads.

  2. Improvements to the Details panel of Items, including a breadcrumb for the Item’s catalogue.

  3. Minor other updates to Search including a UI tidy up. 

  4. Various bug fixes including description fields.

StrataMap 2.2.3

2 October 2018

Enabling Enterprise customers to protect sensitive catalogues. This release introduces Catalogue Governance as well as updating Role-based user access to models. 

Important: Any enterprise who requests Catalogue Governance will need to upgrade to v1.2.2 of the plugin for these advanced features. Organisations without Catalogue can choose to upgrade or continue with the current plugin.

Key features of Role-based access and Catalogue Governance are:

  1. Three types of access to a Model: Read-only, Editor, Modeller 

  2. Account Administrators as an additional role for Accounts (which can contain multiple models), Admin will also need to be assigned Role-based access.

  3. Account Admin have ability to invite users and set/update Role-based access.

  4. Account Admin can request Catalogue Governance and Protect Catalogues and/or Sub-Catalogues assigning Ownership to any User

  5. Catalogue Ownership over-rides Role-based access. Owners are given Modeller-level access to the Protected Catalogue with ability to Add, Delete, Update Elements and Properties. Non-Owners are restricted to Read-only access and cannot change Elements in this Protected Catalogue.

Find more info here about what different roles can do in StrataMap (StrataMap - User Roles 2.2.3.pdf 825kb).

Other feature enhancements and updates include:

  1. Better Search. Search results now return the type of element, map, or catalogue. Users can utilise better sorting.

  2. Ordering of Properties in Catalogues. Archi users can set the display order of properties as well as defining what properties are displayed in the Catalogue view. 

  3. Minor updates to invitation, activation, and on-boarding process.

  4. Various bug fixes including advanced bend-points and property duplication.

StrataMap 2.2.2

8 September 2018

The focus of this release was to support the self administration of user accounts and passwords. The release also includes better support of public reference models, improved conflict resolution, general bug fixes and additional backend security enhancements.

Important: This release necessitates all Archi plugin users to upgrade to v1.2.1 of the plugin. 

Key functional changes are below:

  1. New Login page. The updated login page design includes links for password reset, support and new user registration.

  2. Better Login Experience. We have added protection against opening the application in unsupported browsers (e.g. MS Internet Explorer) and abusive login attempts (reCAPTCHA).

  3. Update password. We have added the much needed capability to reset your own password. Accessible by login page or from the users profile once authenticated. New passwords must now match the NZISM RESTRICTED access levels for size and complexity (was IN-CONFIDENCE).  

  4. People page. Account admins can now view people assigned to their models, invite new users and change users roles. The role based access permissions themselves have not changed, tho this is likely to change in the next release.   

  5. Models page.  Visual separation of public and protected/private models along with updates to the new public model process. 

  6. Public models. Creation of 3 security standards (HISO, NZISM and NIST) along with sample model for ArchInsure (from Open Group) and EIRA (European government).  

StrataMap 2.2.1

13 August 2018

This is the first functional release on our new 'much improved' database schema (release 2.2). This includes a number of critical bug and security enhancements along with the following features:

  1. Public models. We have added the ability for models to be made 'public', meaning that they can be accessed by any authenticated user. These models are typically 'reference architectures' such as industry frameworks, standards or catalogues. By default public models will be read-only. More features related to public models will be coming, but for now these can be accessed from the model repository page. 

  2. Map cards. Model maps are now displayed as cards. This removed the need for a 'Home page map' and simplifies the navigation (left menu / navigation is about to be simplified). All maps now have thumbnails generated over night and cached on our servers for high performance. 

  3. Second level filtering for maps. This is the first release of our second level filter, allowing a user to sort and filter the collection of maps. Next step will be to apply second level filters to all catalogues. 

  4. People page. This is a basic list of all people within an organisation. Accessible only to people with appropriate permissions.

  5. Invite new user. Ability for authorised users to invite people to a model they manage. This triggers an email based workflow that enables self-service of new users to an organisation's model. 

  6. Change password. Now if a user forgets their password (or needs it reset) they can do this themselves using the link on their profile page, or from the login page. 

StrataMap 2.2

31 July 2018

This release includes a major refactor of the backend database. As some private models started grow in size and complexity, our ability to perform was limited by our ability to use the database structure created in Release 1.0. This 'backend' change is the result of 6 months design, built and testing effort and represent a significant step forward in our ability to support fine-grained security models, graph queries and other more advanced features that are on our roadmap. 

Aside from a number of bug fixes and security features (captured in Jira and GitHub), StrataMap 2.2 added following new features. 

  1. People page. Ability to view people assigned to your organisation. 

  2. Second level filtering for models. Models are now sorted alphabetically by default, and can be search or filtered for improved usability (when you have many models).

  3. New Model function. For organisation administrators we have added the ability to create models using a simple workflow. 

StrataMap 2.1

20th May 2018

This release focused on improvements to the top level navigation, separating models and maps and focusing on the core values of modelling:

  1. Collaboration and relationships

  2. Open communication & sharing

  3. Simplicity, usability and elegant design

  4. Visualisation, Relationships between elements to drill into data and see details between and within layers of a model.

  5. Encourage Contribution. Wherever possible remove any barrier (e.g. clicks) for users to edit content.

  6. Make it easy.

StrataMap 2.0

14 March 2018

This release removed the minimum viable product (MVP) frontend (built using JSPWiki) and replaced it with a single page application built on the React.JS and Node.JS frameworks. All critical existing functionality has been migrated over, including a number of new features required to load and maintain model data: 

  1. CSV Import tool, allows editors and admins to bulk upload (or download) their catalogues as spreadsheets. 

  2. Ability to create, edit and delete properties in StrataMap

  3. Custom icons, for creating AWS infrastructure maps. 

  4. Improved error handling for merge and conflict resolutions

  5. New markdown editor for documentation (migrated all existing markup documents).

  6. About 50 other minor improvements to the user interface. 

StrataMap 1.0

4 April 2017 -  StrataMap goes live

Welcome to our first major release of the StrataMap platform. This release represents the start of our  journey towards harnessing the complexity that has exploded around ICT and easing the pain of ICT change and maintenance. This introduces a desktop tool plugin to load and maintain the ArchiMate model and a web application to maintain the associated documentation. This provides a coherent and centralised view of ICT so that it is accessible, searchable and crowd-sourced maintained.

StrataMap 1.0 includes the following core features.

  1. Secure role based access with levels: read-only, editor and modeller.

  2. Integration with OKTA for Single Sign On Authentication.

  3. Integrated Enterprise Wiki for crowd-sourced information gathering. 

  4. Integration with Archi open source tool using the StrataMap Plugin.

  5. Enterprise search, across titles, 

  6. Analytics to report on site usage.

  7. Auditing to track changes.