StrataMap Setup

Set-up of the StrataMap modelling environment is a three step process:   


Step 1: Install Archi

  • This trial works with open-source Archi 4.x

Step 2: Install the plug-in

  • The Archi Plugin is your secure connection to StrataMap.
  • To download click here to download the latest version.
  • See below for instructions on how to install the StrataMap plugin. 
  • Besure to re-start Archi.

Step 3: Connect to online repository

  • Download your model from the repository using StrataMap Import (found in the header bar). 
  • Make changes in Archi and merge your changes to the repository using StrataMap Synchronise. 
  • Share the changes with your team. 


Q. How do I install the Archi application? 

A. Select the download that matches your computers operating system, then follow the instructions on the Archi website. 

Q. How do I install StrataMap Archi plugin? 

A. Once you have downloaded the file (from the link in step 2 above), follow these steps. 

  • In the Archi directory, open the Plugins folder. On Mac you will need to highlight the Archi application and right-button click, then select 'show package contents'. This will make your Plugins folder visible. 
  • Uncompress the ZIP file and move this file to plugins folder. 
  • Restart Archi. You will find the new StrataMap menu has been placed next to the help menu. 
  • To check the plugin version open the 'About this plugin' menu item. 

Q. How do I import a model? 

A. Models can be imported from our cloud server using the import wizard.  

  • Select the Import Model from the StrataMap menu.
  • Type in the name of the model you are trying to import, e.g. 'ArchInsure'
  • Enter the credentials from your new account email.
  • The model import process takes about 1 minute depending on the size. 
  • Once complete the model will appear in the Archi model panel on the left. 

Q. How do I synchronise? 

A. Once you have made your changes to the model you can upload these to the StrataMap repository using the synchronise model wizard. 

  • Select the 'Synchronise model' menu and enter your credentials. 
  • The model will be merged with the copy in the cloud.
  • Any conflicts will be reported - these can be reviewed and if necessary re-loaded.
  • To see your changes, login into StrataMap online.