Hugh Walcott founded StrataMap in 2016 after discovering an innovative solution to a complex problem. Faced with the momentous task to document the ICT landscape of the New Zealand Transport Sector,  Hugh needed a way to collaborate with multiple vendors, merge their designs and communicate an united view back to non-technical stakeholders.  

Inspired by crowd-sourced content systems like Wikipedia, Hugh thought an ArchiMate Wiki might be up for the job. Turned out he was right.  

StrataMap has now grown to include specialist skills for UI / UX development, AWS cloud infrastructure, web security, technical architecture modelling, business strategy, product design and visual design. Based in the creative hub of Wellington New Zealand, the team pulls on international experience from USA, France, Ireland, Argentina and Iran. And when they're not at work, you’ll see them out sailing, biking, kite surfing, free diving, orienteering, running, painting, playing music, table tennis, and parenting. All part of a balanced life needed to create a great product.