Welcome to StrataMap, an online service for the maintenance and communication of Enterprise Models. These Terms of Service govern your access and use of our tools and collaboration platform. Any use of the Services is undertaken strictly on these terms. Please read them carefully.

  1. The use of any of StrataMap Services is subject to these Terms of Service.

  2. StrataMap may vary or replace the Terms of Service at any time.

  3. The Terms of Service were last revised on 20 May 2019.

Use of Service
Access to the Service
Risk and Indemnity


  • Authorised Use means the use of the Service by an Authorised User in accordance with the Terms of Service.

  • Authorised User means any person who has lawful and valid authority to access and use the Service, and includes any person with permissions to access and use the Services.

  • Customer refers to the legal entity consuming Services for whom the Subscriber represents.

  • Enterprise Model is the abstract representation of the structure, processes, information and resources of an identifiable business, government body or other organisation.

  • StrataMap App means any domain or sub-domain owned and operated by StrataMapn and used to maintain the Enterprise Model content.

  • Fees mean the monthly fee payable by the Subscriber to StrataMap in respect of the Subscription, or such other fees which are payable for the use of the Service.

  • Information means all data, information and documentation entered, inputed, or uploaded by any of the Authorised Users of the Services.

  • Single Sign-on Provider is an entity that provides authentication and authorisation services enabling an Authorised User to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials. An example of a Single Sign-on Provider is OKTA.

  • Subscription means the contract between StrataMap and the Customer in respect to the use of the Services related to an Enterprise Model.

  • Subscriber means any person who initiates the StrataMap Subscription in respect of Services and is responsible for the payment of the Fees.

  • Service or Services means the Enterprise Model management and collaboration services made available by StrataMap.

Use of Service

These terms apply to all Authorised Users of the Services. 

  1. StrataMap grants to the Authorised User a non-exclusive, personal, and terminable right to access and use the Service on the terms and conditions provided in these Terms of Service. This license is not able to be sub-licensed.

  2. The Authorised User will only use the Service for their lawful business in respect of the maintenance and management of their Enterprise Model.

  3. The Authorised User will not access or attempt to access the Service for any purpose other than purposes connected with any Enterprise Model for which they are appointed as an Authorised User.

  4. The Authorised Users agrees that they will not do anything which compromises the integrity, functionality or security of the Service or the computer systems used to provide the Services.

  5. An Authorised User may not copy, adapt, reproduce or reverse engineer any computer software used by StrataMap to provide the Services.

  6. An Authorised User may not retrieve, convert, adapt or use any Information for any purpose otherwise than in accordance with the Authorised Use of the Services.

  7. The Service is provided to assist and with the maintenance and communication of Enterprise Models and it is expressly recorded that the Service is not the provision, or substitution, of professional advice.  

  8. If any Authorised User breaches any of the Terms of Service and the breach is capable of remedy and does not remedy that breach within 14 days of receiving written notice of the breach,  StrataMap may terminate or suspend any rights to use the Service by any Authorised User.

Access to the Service

These terms cover how our Services are to be accessed. 

  1. The Authorised User are to make their own arrangements for connection to the Internet for the purpose of accessing the Services.  This obligation includes making payment of all costs, charges and fees necessary to connect to the Internet.

  2. The Authorised Users are only permitted access to the Service where their relevant Subscription is current, including the payment of the Fees.

  3. The Authorised Users are only permitted to access the Service by the use of their username and password assigned access to the Services.

  4. The Authorised Users will keep all usernames and passwords required to access and use the Service secure and confidential.  All access to the StrataMap App and use of the Service by the use of the Authorised User’s username and password is deemed to have been access by the Authorised User.

  5. The Services will be accessed using an account set up by the Authorised User, or by integrating with a Subscriber's Single Sign On service provider.

  6. Where the Subscriber has indicated as part of the Subscription registration that the they wish to use their Single Sign On service provider, then the Subscriber will be responsible for maintaining access control of all Authorised Users to the Services. 

  7. Where the Authorised User's account is maintained by StrataMap, the Authorised Users agree to immediately request StrataMap to reset their password where there has been any breach of security or a breach of security is suspected.

  8. The Subscriber will assign role-based access to Authorised Users. 

  9. The Authorised Users will take all reasonable steps or otherwise expressly directed by StrataMap to maintain or preserve security of their access to the Services.

  10. Access to the Service may be the subject of restrictions where StrataMap reasonably considers such restrictions are necessary to ensure the efficacy or integrity of the Service.  StrataMap will endeavour to advise the Subscriber of the extent and nature of any restrictions prior to them obtaining a Subscription.

  11. Through the use of web services and APIs, the Service interoperates with a range of third party service features.  StrataMap does not make any warranty or representation on the availability of those features.  Without limiting the previous sentence, if a third party feature provider ceases to provide that feature or ceases to make that feature available on reasonable terms, StrataMap may cease to make available that feature to the Subscriber.  To avoid doubt, if StrataMap exercises its right to cease the availability of a third party feature, the Subscriber is not entitled to any refund, discount or other compensation.


These terms cover the ownership and use of the information held by StrataMap.

  1. All Authorised Users warrant that the Information that they enter into the Service via the StrataMap App or otherwise is Information which they own or have the legal right to use for purposes associated with the Service.

  2. StrataMap acknowledges that ownership of any Information entered by the Subscriber's Authorised Users and maintained within the Service remains with the Subscriber. 

  3. StrataMap agrees that all Information it receives in providing the Service will be held confidentially and otherwise subject to the StrataMap Privacy Policy.  The Information will not be disclosed other than in accordance with these Terms of Service or due to any legal obligation.

  4. While StrataMap will take all reasonable care it makes no guarantee as to the uninterrupted operation of the Service or that there will be no loss of the Information.  StrataMap expressly excludes any liability for any loss of the Information irrespective of the cause or nature of the loss.

  5. The Authorised Users may not upload, input or enter any Information into the Service which is offensive, illegal or which may or will likely damage the Service or any computer systems used to provide the Service.

  6. The title and ownership of all intellectual property (including any software, documentation, trademarks and graphical representations) used to provide or support the Services belongs and remains with StrataMap (or any licensor to StrataMap). 

  7. StrataMap does not endorse or otherwise accept any responsibility for any third party website link made available on the StrataMap App


These terms cover information needed to create and maintain a subscription.

  1. The Subscriber will obtain and hold the Subscription from StrataMap to access and use the Service with respect to an Enterprise Model.

  2. The Subscriber will obtain the Subscription from StrataMap by accurately providing all required information as requested and the payment of the Fees.

Risk and Indemnity

  1. The Authorised Users access and use the Service entirely at their own risk.

  2. Subscriber indemnifies StrataMap in respect of all claims, costs, damage and loss arising from the breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Subscriber or any Authorised User. This includes indemnity against claims made for breach of a third party.

  3. StrataMap makes no representation and gives no warranties about the Service or the Website. For the avoidance of doubt all implied conditions or warranties are excluded in so far as permitted by law.