In browser Modelling Beta - Release 2.3.1

2.3.1 is another major release and giant step in our path towards complete in-browser modelling.

Building on our new visual rendering engine, we now give you the power to draw and update maps in real-time.
Other small enhancements include the ability to update map names as well as a number of bug fixes and behind the scenes updates to support collaborative modelling.

vid05-filtering&graphics 2.3.0.png

Map filtering & new graphics engine. - Release 2.3.0

2.3.0 is a major release bringing new powerful features and a foundation for new map interactions including in-browser drawing.

In this release we bring you Visual analysis of Maps using dynamic filters, Sharing and Custom defaults. We also have is a major update under the hood of the visual rendering engine which is the foundation for in-browser modelling. This release gives zoom in/out and panning of maps, better legibility and improved interactive elements.


StrataMap accounts and basic navigation

See how to set up your free account and and what it will access. We look at User Roles, and Public vs Private models.

Also see an overview of the navigation structure within the application, including: map status, filters, sorting, and organising your items with folders and catalogues.


Adding properties and managing through property templates

Standardise your data with properties and catalogues using property templates.
See how to create, edit and remove properties across your catalogues and sub-catalogues.


Visual version history - release 2.2.4

Find and fix mistakes through greater oversight and visibility of changes that have been made.
This release introduces a visual version history including searching for Active and Deleted items.

See full release notes


Catalogue Governance overview - Release 2.2.3

Protect sensitives catalogues, an Enterprise customer feature. This release introduces Catalogue Governance as well as updating Role-based user access to models. 
Find more info here about what different roles can do in StrataMap (StrataMap - User Roles).

See full release notes